The Chateau

Château MontPlaisir offers five luxury guest rooms and one two-bedroom apartment. The property can be rented as a whole to accommodate groups (up to 15 people) for family gatherings, weddings, tourism and corporate events.


Residence of the family of Merles des Rochettes, it was built in the late 17th c by Joseph Merles (1642-1709), Doctor of Law, Bailly de Grignan, Judge General in Valréas.

Built with ashlar blocks from the quarries of the Gard, which are placed directly on a basement of saffre, the house features architecture inspired by the opulent houses of Avignon and the charm of Provencal houses. Standing with its back towards a forested hill, it overlooks the plain of Valréas. Facing west, it offers a beautiful 180° view on the Ardèche and the foothills of Massif Central.

The wine boutique and a large tasting room extended by a terrace overlooking the vineyards are located in close proximity to the château. Thе whole property offers excellent environment for the organisation of wine themed events

La porte du Château MontPlaisir, détail

Valreas and around


Capital of the region of “Enclave des papes”, Valrèas is classified as “station verte de vacances” and is surrounded by renowned vineyards, lavender fields and olive gardens. It has centuries old history and offers a lot to see and do nowadays.

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